Loan Types

loan types - all the loans you know, and one that's unique to us

With Ausia Home Loans, you get all the same types of loans that the banks offer – and one you won’t find anywhere else. But you don’t have to deal with a bank.

Instead, you deal with a friendly team who listen, give you the time you need to explain yourself, answer all your questions, and guide you through the whole process of buying a new home, covering all your options and the potential loan types available. It’s the best of both worlds!

Of course, you get the security of a bank too. Our loans are all backed by Australia’s biggest financial institutions, so you can borrow with confidence.

our loan types

Fixed rate home loans

Pay the same rate of interest every month, even if the Reserve Bank raises its rates. Learn more about our.Fixed rate home loans are perfect for home owners who need to know precisely Read More

Variable rate home loans. Variable rate home loans typically offer a significantly lower interest rate than

Your interest rate goes up and down, as the Reserve Bank changes its rates. Learn more about our Read More

Split home loans

Part fixed rate, part variable rate – you choose how much you want to allocate to each. Learn more about our. You don’t sacrifice flexibility when you choose a split home loan, eitherRead More

Low-doc home loans

No need for all the financial documents the banks normally require – like tax returns and financial reports. Learn more about our this can make it tough for you to get Read More

Line of credit home loans

Unlock the equity in your home, and use it for other things like a renovation, holiday or investment, without getting hit with a high interest rate. Learn more about Read More