fixed rate loans

With a fixed rate ausia home loan, you agree to pay the same interest rate every month for a set number of years (usually 1-5 years).

Fixed rate home loans are perfect for home owners who need to know precisely what they have to budget every month. Because even if the Reserve Bank increases the official interest rate, your rate remains the same.

But unlike the banks, we don’t ‘punish’ you for that peace of mind with inflexible conditions. In fact, we’re one of only a handful of lenders in Australia that offers an offset account on its fixed rate loans, complete with a free redraw facility. This means you can deposit any savings into your offset account, which reduces your interest repayments, but the money’s still there when you need to draw it out.

What’s more, if you choose to pay extra off your home loan one month, you can, without incurring any penalties. (Why should you pay penalties for doing the sensible thing?!)

You can even fix your rate during construction, if you’re building a new home.